Topic outline

  • September 10: Introduction

    In this course, we covered:

    • an introduction to databases in general,
    • an overview on the different types of databases that exist,
    • the expected properties of databases and of relational databases in particular,
    • an introduction to the relational model and to the notion of constraints,
    • an introduction to the relational algebra with exercises,
    • an overview of what will be done during the course.
    The solutions to the exercises are available below

    There has been a problem with the recording but here are very good videos covering the same topics. The main difference is that they use greek letters for the relational algebra and they go more in depth on the join:

  • September 17: SQL

  • September 24: SQL lab

    For your first lab session, you will learn about the SQL language by writing some queries on two exercises. They are hosted by the SQLzoo platform at the following links:
  • October 1: Schema design, normalization, advanced SQL topics

  • October 8: Query optimization

  • October 15: Lab on schema design and query optimization

    This lab requires that you have access to the database. These logins will be distributed at the beginning of the lab. If you are working from home send an email to Louis Jachiet to get a login and password.

  • October 22: Final lab

    • October 29: Exam

      The exam for the SD202 class, which constitutes 100% of your final grade, will take place on Friday, October 29, from 13:30 to 15:30. It will cover all material that we covered together in classes and lab sessions. The exam will be in English.

      You are allowed three A4 paper sheets (i.e., 6 pages, one on each side) with personal notes of your choice. Any other material or document is forbidden.

      The exam is strictly personal: any communication or influence between students, or use of outside help, is prohibited. No electronic devices such as calculators, computers, or mobile phones, are permitted. Any violation of the rules may result in a grade of 0 and/or disciplinary action.

      Here are some example exams from the previous years; some of them are in French. Please note that the format of the class has changed this year, so some notions (e.g., relational algebra, 3NF) are not covered, and the exam modalities are the ones indicated above and not the ones indicated on these old exams.