This course is part of the curriculum for the M2 program in "Advanced Communications Networks" (M2-ACN).

This course investigates the main limit of information, which is information itself. The complexity of a system can be measured by the quantity of information one has to move and process for letting the system to operate. If this complexity is higher than the information quantity the system can carry and move, then the system is not possible. We will also investigate how the physical constraints of a network and in particular of a wireless network can indeed reduce the complexity just simply by reducing the number of states.


ACN 904: Network Programmability

Keywords: Network Automation, Network Programmability, Model Driven Networking, Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization, 

Network Telemetry, Model Driven Telemetry

NetConf/Yang, Cisco NSO

In this lab, you will first discover the OpenStack ecosystem

and then we will practice creating a new OpenStack project included virtual network objects such as router, private network, floating IPs and security groups.

On this virtual network, we will launch new virtual machine instances from already installed image and also from newly created image.

We will practice creating volumes, and attaching a Cinder block storage volume using the Horizon dashboard. Finally we will create a cloud-int script to automate the launching of a LAMP server...