Text mining is a progressing and challenging domain. For example, a lot of efforts have been recently dedicated to the development of methods able to analyze opinion data available on the social Web. The first objective of this course is to tackle the different methods of language processing and machine learning underlying text and opinion mining.

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The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the Web development techniques. There are courses on formats and essential tools, graded implementation labs and course of "culture" on the advanced web dev.

At the end of the cours, students will:

  • have used formats (HTML, CSS, JS) and common tools (node.js, serveur HTTP) of the web in labs
  • know the basics of formats and common tools on the web
  • understand the complexity of common features: forms, chat, upload, REST APIs
  • have been exposed to notions of crawling, web security and trends in rapid development libraries for the web.


Labs include implementation of formats and basic tools, and are almost automatically graded.

A quizz evaluates the learning in "culture" courses.