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  • Overview

    The Architectures for Big Data course (TPT-DATAAI921) presents the new needs raised by the management of very large volumes of data, the tools and techniques used to address these needs, as well as the most prominent classes of systems in the area.

  • Week 1 (Sep 20): Introduction, Database fundamentals (Ioana Manolescu)

    We will start with an introduction to Big Data and its requirements.

    The file is too large for Moodle, thus I put it here: https://pages.saclay.inria.fr/ioana.manolescu/IntroductionBigData.pdf

    Then, we will recall fundamental features of a Database Management System.

  • Week 2 (Sep 27): Distributed Databases, Mediators (Ioana Manolescu)

    Today, we will, first, finalize our recall of database system fundamentals. Then, we start the discussion of concrete architectures for Big Data, notably:
    • We introduce distribution and study distributed databases
    • We show how to handle heterogeneity, through mediators, data lakes and data spaces

  • Week 3 (Oct 4): Redis lab (Madhulika Mohanty)

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      Please submit two files, (1) and (2), as described below. Use the specified naming convention, where LASTNAME and FIRSTNAME should consist of ASCII letters only. 
      (1) a zip archive with all the source files (including run scripts if any) called "LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.zip";
      (2) a PDF file with your report called "LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_report.pdf".

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  • Week 4 (Oct 11): Mediator systems (end), Peer-to-peer data management, the CAP theorem, Big Data management on top of MapReduce (Ioana Manolescu)

    First, we will finalize the discussion of mediator systems. See the slides "Distributed databases and mediators" in Week 2 above.

    Then, we will cover:

    • Data management on top of peer-to-peer networks
    • Transactional properties in a distributed setting

    Finally, if time allows, we will start a discussion of data management on top of MapReduce platforms.

  • Week 5 (Oct 18): JSON stores and MongoDB lab (Madhulika Mohanty)

  • Week 6 (Oct 25): Cloud Data Services (Ioana Manolescu)

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  • Week 7 (Nov 8): Amazon Cloud Lab (Madhulika Mohanty)

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